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My son us currently 4 years old and has been coming to Swim Lessons by Ms. Carol since he was 18 months old. He has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress. This process has been amazing! our little swimmer has gained so much confidence and has learned so much thanks to Ms. Carol’s instruction. I highly recommend Ms. Carol and love the personal attention she gives every lesson. Ms Carol is positive, kind, knowledgeable and most importantly, Patient. She also takes careful and preventative measures and provides constant communication and flexibility if there’s bad weather. I would highly recommend Ms. Carol to anyone
— Kate Villanueva
My daughters, 4 and 5 have very different personalities requiring different motivational techniques. Ms. Carol not only focuses on their individual needs but in core swim concepts facilitating the learning process. We strongly recommend Ms. Carol for any age and experience level.
— Yvonne Pérez
My son began swim lessons with Ms. Carol when he was a toddler and continued for many years. He is now an excellent and confident swimmer. Ms. Carol is an amazing teacher and wonderful friend. She taught my son with patience, firmness, and kindness. She took a personal interest in his success and his safety. He adores her to this day and will always remember his summers spent in Ms. Carol’s swimming pool. I highly recommend Ms. Carol!!
— Heather Marnan
I have 3 kids, now ages 10, 8 and almost 5. We have done swim lessons with Ms. Carol since my oldest was a toddler. She has done a great job tailoring the swim lessons to the needs of my 3 very different children. My middle son has ADHD and some developmental differences and she adjusted techniques to help him have success swimming both on his tummy and his back. When my youngest first started lessons, he was rather unwilling and Ms. Carol got him used to the water and the idea of it and then she actually refunded my money for the second week of lessons since he was not cooperative. I thought that was great — rather than take my money for something that wasn’t going to make a difference. He just needed a little more time. Now he is looking forward to going back for lessons this summer. She is extremely patient and is very safe. I highly recomend her!
— Christina Hoeppner
Our son really connected with Ms. Carol. She is so patient and fun. We especially enjoyed doing private lessons with her, and our son made huge progress each day. I also really like that she emphasizes safety. I felt like I learned a lot too!
— Sarah K
I feel Carol has such a wonderful gift as a swim coach! She did a wonderful job working with my 3 children, even dealing with my special needs child marvelously!!!! Her ability with each child ...teaching them where they were at, helping them to get over their fears, and while pushing them to learn the next thing was amazing to me. She did it with such ease and I’m still appreciative today for her teaching my kids to swim!!!! Thank you Carol!
— Renee Green
Worth every penny.
Ms Carol has worked with my 5 year in teaching her not only to swim, but how to survive in the water. She is excellent with the kids and my daughter has learned so much from her. We are looking forward to continuing our lessons and have recommended Carol to many of our friends and family!
— Carly Senneff
7 Summers of Swimming.
My children have been taking swimming lessons for 7 years from Ms. Carol and it has been a wonderful experience. She is kind and patient while guiding them to achieve the next level. My kids have very different personalities and both have done great. I would recommend Ms. Carol to anyone and am happy to continue our summer swimming with her.
— Suzanne W
From not swimming to swimming.
Ms Carol is amazing. She can work with what seems like all kids. Everyone I’ve referred has loved her. My youngest went from hating to get their head wet to diving, swimming and being competent in the water. I love that she focuses on safety and being water smart more than swim strokes. This is not like the chains or teenage swim lessons at other places, it’s about getting kids to be able to swim for fun and (if ever needed) their lives.

— Andrea Gutierrez
Ms. Carol taught our very headstrong 4 year old to swim. Our daughter began her lesson’s by telling Ms. Carol she “would not put her face in the water!” The approach Ms. Carol took was spot on, using patience, play, and a whole lot of love. By our 8th and final lesson our daughter was happily putting her face in the water AND SWIMMING with confidence!!!! We cannot keep her out of the pool since she finished her lessons! We highly recommend Ms. Carol and are so grateful to have met her. Thank You Ms. Carol!!!

— Jenell Gabra

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